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Chippers by BENTELE Biomasse Technologie GmbH

We are specialists for extremely robust chippers suitable for the landscape gardener and the small holder as well as the largest factories of green energy power plants, providing woodchips in the size range of 2 cm to about 8 cm (previously G20 to G100).


Verladung eines Bentele Chippers BBT 800 für Japan

Bentele ships chipper to woodburning power station in Japan

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Extrem große Hackschnitzel

Chipper Bentele BBT 1500 being presented at the heating plant in Bardejov, Slovakia:



We continuously develop and improve our services:

  • Construction of chippers and shredders, both stationary and mobile
  • Design and manufacture of special trailers for the transportation of woodchips and logs, available with fixed or steered trailing axle
  • Grading and conveying equipment, especially for woodchips and other piece goods
  • Repair work for agricultural and forestry equipment

Having 26 years of personal experience with mobile chippers, Managing Director Peter Bentele wishes to pass on his know-how to his valued clients.

The following film was provided by a very satisfied client: