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BENTELE Products


We are specialists for extremely robust chippers suitable for the Landscape Gardener and the Small Holder as well as the largest factories of green energy power plants, providing woodchips in the size range of 2 cm to about 8 cm (previously G20 to G100).


  • Our special rotor system creates less than 10% fine particle dust.
  • Our chippers are characterized by cost effectiveness because of a sturdy and low-wear construction as well as low fuel consumption. Simplicity of design prevents failure to components through vibrations.
  • Changing the cutting blades can be performed within 15 to 20 minutes. This results in very little down time for this necessary operation.
  • Uniformity of woodchip size can provide up to 15% extra energy output at the heating plants.
  • Stresses caused by welding highly stressed components are normalized through final annealing.
  • The life of the chipper blades is increased by up to 200% through our innovative rolling system.